Ombudsman Threatens to Prosecute Developer of Meikarta Project

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM –┬áRepresentative of Ombudsman of a Republic of Indonesia Alamsyah Saragih questioned growth of Meikarta plan whose permissions have not been finished though has already released large promotion in several media.

The doubt was lifted when a Ombudsman invited a Lippo Group or a skill developer of Meikarta to explain a polemic of a Meikarta large plan located in Bekasi Regency, West Java Province.

According to him what a developer of Meikarta has finished is deemed to have disregarded a law No. 20 of 2011 on flats and is punishable with rapist sanctions.

“Licensing routine [must be done] initial since if not finished chartering it has been marketed [developer] can be prosecuted,” pronounced Alamsyah in a bureau of Ombudsman, Jakarta, Friday (9/8/2017).

Hearing a doubt Suddenly a Lippo organisation was silent, though Director of Lippo Cikarang Ju Kian Salim seemed to obstruct a question.

Instead he told stream conditions of disappearing skill development. According to him a growth of Meikarta is as a form of explanation that a skill business is in a fast state.

The reason is he saw when noticed from a sale, many people unequivocally wish to have a home. “[It is not like] people do not have income though they spend it as necessary,” he said.

In addition, a Meikarta plan is one of supports for supervision programs that are prioritizing inhabitant development.

Alamsyah asked a Meikarta developer to make corrections to a advertisements that have been present in several media.

Not usually that, he was anticipating this assembly will be a element analysis for Lippo organisation in announcement of Meikarta ads. (*)

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