Ombudsman Urges Indonesian Consumers Not to Buy Meikarta Property

Meikarta is a grand 500-hectare skill growth plan with 100 hectares of open immature space, 250,000 units of primary residential property, and 1,500,000 m2 of primary blurb space located about 34 kilometers to a easterly of Indonesia’s collateral city of Jakarta.

James Riady, Chief Executive of a Lippo Group, pronounced a Meikarta plan will assistance a supervision to tackle Indonesia’s housing reserve of 13.5 million units. However, we assume that many Meikarta units that have been sole so distant were bought by investors or second-home buyers and therefore a plan should assistance small to fight a housing backlog.

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Meanwhile, Ombudsman commissioner Alamsyah Saragih urges Indonesian consumers not to buy skill during Meikarta since a Lippo Group has not nonetheless performed all permits and has not acquired all land in a Meikarta area. Saragih also advises a Lippo Group to stop the selling activities associated to Meikarta.


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