O’Neill evokes Euro 2016 suggestion for Ireland

Ireland manager Martin O’Neill has urged his players to remember their Euro 2016 playoff feat over Bosnia forward of Tuesday’s World Cup showdown with Denmark.


The Irish drew a initial leg of a Nov 2015 double header in Bosnia, though progressed to France after a convincing 2-0 home win during Lansdowne Road.

After Saturday’s scoreless pull in Denmark, Ireland need to kick a Danes on Tuesday to validate for Russia subsequent year, and O’Neill hopes a full residence in Dublin can enthuse a organisation to nonetheless another playoff success.

“We’ve had a knowledge of a integrate of years ago roughly to a day,” pronounced O’Neill.

“The dusk in Dublin was unequivocally illusory opposite Bosnia.

“I consider some of a players can pull on partial of that though we consider they’ll substantially try to emanate their possess experiences.

“The throng have been critical during all a matches during a (stadium) and they’ve given us unusual support.

“We’ll try and be a bit some-more expanded if we can though we’ve got to find a approach to win a match. These players have been means to do that a final integrate of years.”

Denmark, anticipating to validate for their initial vital contest given 2012, will demeanour to Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen to spearhead their challenge.

Ireland can count on a lapse of gifted captain David Meyler after a Cork-born Hull City midfielder was dangling for a initial leg.

– Score or go out –

The Irish have been some-more considerable on a highway than during home during a World Cup subordinate campaign, with wins in Austria and Wales essential to their second-place organisation finish.

But now they need to win during home, with Denmark wakeful that a measure pull would be adequate to book their place during subsequent summer’s finals.

And O’Neill pronounced a brief turnaround hold no fears for his squad.

“I consider that this turnaround is zero new to ourselves or a opponents,” O’Neill said. “Three days, it’s a format now.

“You’ve got dual games in comparatively discerning period when we play general matches. The players are prepared to go one some-more time.

“We competence need a integrate of goals in a diversion since to keep out Denmark for dual games competence be tough.”

If conjunction side conduct to mangle a deadlock after additional time, penalties wait — and O’Neill pronounced his group have been scheming for such an outcome.

“We practised penalties, some of a lads were practising… it’s on a evening, isn’t it? That’s a many critical thing,” he said.

“I remember that good (European Cup) final between Liverpool and Roma in 1984. A integrate of good Brazilian players, a best players in a world, downed collection and didn’t take a penalty.

“At slightest we have people who wish to take them and we consider that’s half a battle.

“I consider we have to have to cover all eventualities. It usually takes a second to measure a goal.

“The notation a idea is scored in a diversion that eradicates a lot of things; it eradicates extra-time, chastisement kicks and things like that. We competence need a integrate of goals in a diversion as good too since to keep out Denmark for dual games competence be tough.”


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