Portugal startle Spain to explain lass EURO futsal crown

What we learned 
Spain sojourn a earlier force in European futsal. The Spanish have featured in a semi-finals of each continental finals foe to date, while their better to Portugal was usually their second in 9 European finals, a other one carrying come in 1999.

Russia, who have prolonged been a force on a European scene, fell usually brief in their bid to strech a fourth uninterrupted final and to win a prize for a initial time. The Russians gained some satisfaction by violence Kazakhstan 1-0 in a compare for third place.

The Kazakhs lived adult to expectations, surpassing to a final 4 for a second time using and entrance tighten to toppling a strong Spanish, who usually modernized to a final after a chastisement shoot-out.

Hosts Slovenia also tender in creation a quarter-finals for usually a second time, while contest newcomers France hold Spain to a draw, a important outcome that was still not adequate for them to strech a knockout phase.

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