Portugal win Futsal EURO, Ricardinho tip scorer: during a glance

Winners: Portugal
Runners-up: Spain
Third place: Russia
Fourth place: Kazakhstan

Player of a tournament: Ricardinho (Portugal)

Watch final highlights

Watch final highlights

Top scorers
Ricardinho (Portugal) 7
Bruno Coelho (Portugal) 6
Eder Lima (Russia) 5

Including qualifying
Bruno Coelho (Portugal) 11
Archil Sebiskveradze (Gerorgia), Halim Selmanaj (Albania) 9
Eder Lima (Russia), Abdessamad Mohammed (France) 8

Most assists
Douglas Junior (Kazakhstan) 7
Ricardinho (Portugal) 4
Bebe (Spain), Bruno Coelho (Portugal), Eduardo (Azerbaijan), Miguelín (Spain), Robinho (Russia), Petro Shoturma (Ukraine) 3



  • Ricardinho (Portugal) became all-time finals heading scorer with 22 goals.
  • Eder Lima (Russia) is adult to third in a all-time list with 17.
  • Portugal turn a second republic to concurrently be EURO futsal and football champions after Spain between Feb and Jul 2016 (and again from 2008 to 2014).
  • In a quarter-finals, Portugal became a initial organisation to measure 5 goals in a initial half of a Futsal EURO finals diversion in their 8-1 better of Azerbaijan.
  • Spain became a initial organisation to play 50 finals matches, in a organisation diversion opposite Azerbaijan. Russia also reached that symbol in a third-place play-off as good as apropos a initial organisation to play 80 matches including qualifying.
  • Spain’s opening idea in a decider done them a initial organisation to strech 200 in finals matches.
  • Spain kept adult their record of reaching each semi-final given a initial book in 1996.
  • France became a 19th opposite republic to play in a UEFA Futsal EURO.
  • This is a final time a contest will have 12 teams: from now on a finals will be a 16-nation eventuality played each 4 years, starting 2022.

New format for 2022: enlargement to 16 teams

Watch a highlights: all a results

Ricardinho's rabona for Portugal

Ricardinho’s rabona for Portugal

Group stage

Tuesday 30 January
Group A:
Slovenia 2-2 Serbia
Group B: Russia 1-1 Poland
Wednesday 31 January

Group C: Portugal 4-1 Romania
Group D: Spain 4-4 France
Thursday 1 February
Group B: Poland 1-5 Kazakhstan
Group A: Serbia 1-1 Italy
Friday 2 February
Group D: France 3-5 Azerbaijan
Group C: Romania 2-3 Ukraine
Saturday 3 February
Group B: Kazakhstan 1-1 Russia
Group A: Italy 1-2 Slovenia
Sunday 4 February
Group C: Ukraine 3-5 Portugal
Group D: Azerbaijan 0-1 Spain

Monday 5 February
Serbia 1-3 Kazakhstan
Slovenia 0-2 Russia
Tuesday 6 February
Portugal 8-1 Azerbaijan
Ukraine 0-1 Spain

Thursday 8 February
Russia 2-3 Portugal
Kazakhstan 5-5 Spain (aet, Spain win 3-1 on pens)

Finals day
Saturday 10 February
Third-place play-off: Russia 1-0 Kazakhstan
Final: Portugal 3-2 Spain (aet)


Champions hurl of honour
2018: Portugal 3-2 Spain (aet): Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016: Spain 7-3 Russia: Belgrade, Serbia
2014: Italy 3-1 Russia; Antwerp, Belgium
2012: Spain 3-1 Russia (aet); Zagreb, Croatia
2010: Spain 4-2 Portugal; Debrecen, Hungary
2007: Spain 3-1 Italy; Porto, Portugal
2005: Spain 2-1 Russia; Ostrava, Czech Republic
2003: Italy 1-0 Ukraine; Caserta, Italy
2001: Spain 2-1 Ukraine (golden goal); Moscow, Russia
1999: Russia 3-3 Spain (aet, 4-3 pens); Granada, Spain
1996*: Spain 5-3 Russia; Cordoba, Spain

*UEFA European Futsal Tournament, championship standing from 1999 onwards

Spain 7
Italy 2
Portugal, Russia 1

Final appearances:
Spain 9
Russia 6
Italy 3
Portugal, Ukraine 2

Semi-final appearances:
Spain 11
Russia 9
Italy 8
Portugal 4
Ukraine 3
Czech Republic, Kazakhstan 2
Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Serbia 1

(bold: inc 2018)

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