#Showbiz: Elvira and Misha win Mentor Otai [NSTTV]

Elvira Arul has found celebrity singing English songs though her new win in a talent uncover proves she’s also a severe force with Malay hits.

She might have tackled many genres in English, though Elvira always felt “clumsy” singing in Malay. Eager to infer herself a truly Malaysian singer, she strived to master Malay cocktail and ballads by fasten existence talent hunt Mentor Otai on TV3.

The 39-year-old with a decade’s singing believe in nightspots, felt a six-week foe between proteges of determined singers would do her good given an aged crony would be her “cikgu”.

Elvira was spot-on, since Misha Omar, for whom she had sung subsidy vocals once, recruited her and helped her master songs by, among others, Datuk M. Nasir, Datuk Awie, Search and herself.

Last Sunday, amidst unbending foe from dual other womanlike singers — Aznie Ariffin, 41, and Alina Hassan, 50 — Elvira triumphed in Mentor Otai’s final unison promote live on TV3 from Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral in Shah Alam.

Thanking Misha for assisting her tackle chart-toppers, Elvira pronounced her crony prepared her entirely on a feel of Malay cocktail music, spending whole days coaching her.

“I didn’t consider I’d catch a basis of Malay songs quickly, though we did. Misha was so studious explaining things, and didn’t mind when we sang her numbers out of tune. Instead, she told me to give my best and rest a day before any concert,” pronounced Elvira after a final concert.

In a two-hour unison that began during 10pm, she tender a show’s judges — composer Edry Abdul Halim and thespian Mark Adam — singing Judika’s Bukan Dia Tapi Aku and Search’s and Awie’s Nur Nilam Sari, a duet with stone thespian Azlan Rosle of Azlan And The Typewriter.

Edry praised her “beautiful tone” while Mark hailed her “good outspoken control”. Both judges felt that Elvira had learnt quick and her soulful sound honed in clubs “added good value” to her performances.

Misha was gay with Elvira’s performances, too. “She’s an fervent tyro who absorbs believe like a sponge. Despite being underneath a continue in a semi-finals, she still achieved her best, and this time, she nailed it!”

Elvira expelled her entrance single, Simple Love, that won her Best Female Vocalist in a Voize Independent Music Awards 2010. She also played heroine Effie White in Dreamgirls during Istana Budaya in 2011.

“It was formidable to master Nasir’s songs though we had fun all a way, and saw a whole foe as a accessible match. we got along good with my venerable competitors.”

Elvira skeleton to go on a beach holiday with her desired ones. “My father has been my biggest fan. He introduced me to singing when we was a pre-teen, and we used to accompany him to gigs during his days as a musician. we dedicate my win to him.”

Elvira and Misha common a grand esteem of RM100,000.

Lead thespian of Umbrella, Zarul Husin, and his dependent Aznie came in second and walked divided with RM50,000, while Siti Sarah Raisuddin and her dependent Alina took home a third esteem of RM20,000.

Rock thespian Rustam “Tam” Mustafa of Spider and his dependent Azril “AJ” Azmi, 42, finished fourth and won RM5,000.

The judges awarded 50 per cent of any contestant’s marks, with another 20 per cent entrance from a open jury (comprising musicians and educationists), and a final 30 per cent from viewers’ online votes.

Aznie, who achieved Fauziah Latiff’s Gubahan Lagu Puisi Syahdu and Ella’s Dua Insan Bercinta, in a duet with Syamel Fodzly, was described as a “red, prohibited talent” by Mark.

Alina, who achieved Datuk Sudirman Arshad’s Terasing and Said Effendi’s Fatwa Pujangga, in a duet with Liza Hanim, was hailed by Edry as a “power voice” who did probity to severe songs.

“What I’ve learnt from Zarul is to have improved eye hit with a audience. Being an hostess is not merely about singing though joining with fans too,” pronounced Aznie, who finished third in TV3’s talent hunt Sinaran Paspot Kegemilangan in 1996.

Zarul said: “It’s been well-spoken sailing all these weeks for Aznie and myself. She’s intensely talented, nonetheless really common and peaceful to improved herself after any concert.”

Siti Sarah praised Alina for “bouncing behind with a vengeance” after a lifeless opening in a semi-finals. “It’s extraordinary that she’s behind to her good aged self. Alina’s performances were power-packed.”

Alina, who skeleton to start her possess cleaning business, pronounced Siti Sarah was a good coach for indicating out her mistakes and creation certain that she did not repeat them. “And it was such an honour to sing with Liza Hanim. She’s one of my favourite singers,” she said.

Tam pronounced his dependent AJ did not feel too well, though “put adult a good fight”. “He never gives adult easily, and while we didn’t win, I’m blissful he came this far.”

AJ, who achieved Datuk Hattan’s Rindu Bertandang Lagi and Deddy Dores’ Mendung Tak Bererti Hujan, a duet with Farahdhiya Mohd Amin, pronounced he might not have participated in contests, though his work with travel musicians over a final decade has given him “a good substructure in music”.

The show’s executive writer Muhamad Sufian Che Isa pronounced Mentor Otai will lapse in dual years and, subsequent year, a new deteriorate of Mentor Milenia will be screened. (Mentor Otai is a spin-off of Mentor, that ran for 6 seasons between 2005 and 2012).

“Mentor Milenia is for 20-somethings while Mentor Otai caters to prime singers. By rotating them any dual years, we wish viewers will get to see new talents from several age groups.”

Hosted by singer-actress Elly Mazlein and Haziq Hussni of Hot FM, a finals also saw performances by Saleem and Kugiran Masdo.

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