Steve Bruce’s Crack Pipe And Hodgson’s Hex: Iceland’s Footballing …

Published October 6, 2018

As The Icelandic group rests before going once some-more into a ravel opposite Switzerland on Oct 15th in a UEFA Nations League, a society diluted to ravaging and pillage during bar level. Here’s an refurbish on how Iceland’s footballing heroes have been behaving on unfamiliar soil.

Jói cooking Cherries, blasts Bluebirds
Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson is pulling his Burnley side out of their Premier League mire, moving a 4-0 besmirching of Bournemouth on Sep 22nd and a 2-1 abrasive of Cardiff a week later. Eddie Howe’s dastardly Bournemouth had formerly been going during full-tilt into a season, though “The Berginator” saw to it that their good happening finished abruptly. After Matej Vydra’s opener, it was a Icelander who clipped a wealthy round to a behind post, that Aaron Lennon orderly tucked divided to double a Clarets’ lead before a break. Lennon returned a foster during a finish of a second-half, lofting a round to JB’s wand-like left peg, usually for him to impact his bid opposite a post, with goal-stealing Ashley Barnes drumming in. Against Cardiff, Jói was male of a match, scoring one and balletically environment adult a second. The Premier League is on high alert: THE ICEBERG COMETH. GR

Gylfi gobbles goals
In other Premier League news, Gylfi “Golden Boots” Sigurðsson notched adult his initial 3 goals of a deteriorate for Everton this month, removing off a symbol around a radical process of nutting it into a net opposite West Ham. Famed for his sweeping, poetic, laser-sighted, thing-of-beauty-is-a-joy-forever shots and giveaway kicks, it was usually a third header he has scored in his army in UK football, from a sum total of 47. He continued to be a splendid light in his Everton side opposite Fulham with dual Gylfi classics—a well-bred left feet curler, and an unblemished right-footed rocket. Only a woodwork denied him a hat-trick from a chastisement spot. Gylfi has arrived—be afraid. JR

Aron hexed by Hodgson
Captain Aron’s fortunes have left from bad to worse this deteriorate during newly-promoted Cardiff. Just as he was finally named for a patrol after recuperating from a knee damage that’s kept him in a diagnosis tent so far, it was announced that “The Annihilator” has had another aptness reversal when his dodgy knee flared adult again in training. We during Grapevine would like to disciple for an exorcism of a cheerless joint, that might have been accursed by a niggardly völva hired by an hostile team. Who would bob to such a thing? Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson, obviously, who still suffers nightmares of Aron’s screaming bearded face powering opposite a terrain during Euro 2016. Not cool, Woy. JR

No Brucey reward for Birkir
Down in a Championship division, infamous galloping warlord and wonder-winger Birkir Bjarnason’s woes continue. “Horror Hooves” Birkir was left out of a patrol wholly opposite Blackburn by deluded, inebriated bag o’ spanners Steve Bruce, though was removed to a dais opposite Rotherham as an new sub. With Birkir’s aggressive bravery wasting divided during Villa, Italian Serie B bar Empoli reportedly sent him overtures of bullion and grassland this summer, heading Villa fans to an escape of amicable media outrage; Birkir afterwards met with Steve “The” Bruce to find assurances of personification time. We during Grapevine advise that someone allocate a moment siren from Big Steve’s table drawer ASAP so he can transparent his conduct and get Birkir behind on a pitch. JR

Heimir anaesthetises Salah woes
Former smiter-in-chief and dentist-sorcerer Heimir Hallgrímsson soothed Mohamed Salah’s international-level toothache by voting for a Egyptian in FIFA’s ‘The Best’ awards. Liverpool’s series 11 might have finished behind Cristiano Ronaldo and personality Luka Modrić in a final standings, adding insult to a earthy and mental injuries inflicted by veteran illegitimate Sergio Ramos in this year’s Champions League Final, though he will certainly take some comfort in a regard of one of general football’s good visionaries. Stricken society personality Aron Gunnarsson, however, expel his opinion for former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Modrić, holding a shimmer off any intensity Icelandic-Egyptian love-in. GR

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