Tecnoglass unapproachable to be a partial of 1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid

The Tecnoglass Group is now operative on a One Thousand Museum tower, a high-rise residential condominium underneath construction in Miami. The 62-story building is approaching to arise over 700 feet when finished in 2018, creation it one of a tallest buildings in Miami.

One Thousand Museum has been a severe though cultivatable knowledge for a corporate group, quite given a project´s complexity. It´s unprotected petrify structure, that happens to be a categorical underline of a façade´s design, changes totally from one building to a next.

This compulsory for a architectural systems to follow a sold course along a building and for any product set to be totally different, job for a modernized engineering skills to devise out a whole prolongation scheme.

During a building´s construction, a eminent designer, 2004 Pritzker Price-winning designer Zaha Hadid upheld away, endowing a whole new dimension to a plan and creation us a vital partial of Hadid´s legacy.

The potion and architectural systems involved:

  • ES-7100
  • ES-6600
  • ES-CS1325 for a lobby

Insulated-Laminated Grey glass

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