The Best Parts of Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran was Spotify’s most-streamed artist of 2017, and his strain “Shape of You” was a top-streamed song. On a other finish of a spectrum, a hitmaker was named “Worst-Dressed Man” by GQ in 2013. Though that might have ravaged other, some-more egotistical artists, Sheeran’s style—hoodie/flannel + jeans + sneakers—is partial of what creates him so relatable and popular. He’s just, like, a normal man we could see yourself grabbing a pint with, solely he’s also intensely talented—and wealthy.

Sheeran self-released his possess work for years, honing his skills as an artist on travel corners with his guitar, before apropos a megastar he is now. Even today, he doesn’t need a rope subsidy him adult during performances, instead regulating looper paddles to emanate a bigger sound.

He’s created some of a catchiest celebration jams, as good as some of a many regretful adore songs. It isn’t a warn that he has his possess honeyed story for anticipating love; Sheeran became intent to childhood crony Cherry Seaborn at a commencement of this year. The dual went to propagandize together as kids, and reunited during one of Taylor Swift‘s Fourth of Jul parties.

Whether he’s smashing universe records with a new album, creation an coming in Game of Thrones, or adding some-more overwhelming to one of BFF Taylor Swift’s songs, there’s a lot to adore about a song industry’s favorite ginger.

Watch “The Best Parts of Ed Sheeran” and let us know your favorite things about him in a comments!

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