The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S could make a Galaxy S9 old-fashioned before it’s …

Chinese smartphone builder Xiaomi pulled off an considerable PR pretence in late 2016 when it launched a initial all-screen, bezel-less phone in a world, a Mi Mix. A year later, a association launched a successor, the Mi Mix 2, a some-more polished chronicle of a original. But a phone still had a rather vast bottom bezel, where a front-facing camera resides. In other words, it’s not a all-screen smartphone we wanted — only like a iPhone X Isn’t accurately all screen, nonetheless a iPhone X’s bezel is smaller.

However, Xiaomi might have figured out how to serve discharge bezels, according to a describe for a Mi Mix 2S phone that strike a web a while ago. As we can see below, that positively looks a lot some-more sparkling than a prior Mi Mix models. And while a describe itself hasn’t been confirmed, we do have acknowledgment that a Mi Mix 2S is real.

Let’s check out a Mi Mix 2 first:

And here’s that sparkling Mi Mix 2S trickle that’s nonetheless to be confirmed:

Image Source: Weibo around xda-developers

As we can see, one approach for Xiaomi to repair a Mi Mix’s bottom bezel is to immigrate a front-facing camera to a tip right corner. The finish outcome is a phone that’s scarcely all-screen, save for a dilemma camera.

While it wasn’t means to endorse either a pattern abive is accurate, xda-developers performed a Mi Mix 2S firmware, that is adequate to endorse a phone is real.

Data from a program reveals a handset is codenamed “polaris” and that it facilities a Snapdragon 845 processor, 3,400 mAh battery, and runs Android 8.0 Oreo. The phone’s arrangement has an 18:9 aspect ratio and Full HD fortitude (2160 x 1080), as good as an AI-infused camera software. Not most is famous about a tangible cameras, though a formula does support Sony’s IMX363 sensor.

Unfortunately, there’s no revelation when a Mi Mix 2S will launch. And when it does, it’ll substantially be singular to China and India.

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