This week Patrick Schumacher went to justice to take control of Zaha Hadid’s estate

This week on Dezeen, Zaha Hadid Architects strike a headlines with skeleton for a Russian intelligent city, as Patrick Schumacher done a bid for control of his late partner’s estate.

The late Zaha Hadid’s former business partner Schumacher has begun justice proceedings to try and mislay a other 3 executors of her will – withdrawal him in solitary control.

Rana Hadid, Zaha’s niece and one of a executors concerned in a justice case, pronounced they felt thankful to “resist” Schumacher in sequence to “defend her good name and legacy”.

If a executors can’t confirm how to discharge Hadid’s bequest in 125 years it will return to a Zaha Hadid Foundation, which Schumacher quit as executive of in June.

Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye,Moscow intelligent city by Zaha Hadid Architects
Zaha Hadid Architects conceptualizing intelligent city outward Moscow

Zaha Hadid Architects also done headlines when it revealed visuals for a new intelligent city it has been consecrated to build outward of Moscow.

The Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye district will be digitally optimised to be as tolerable as probable from an appetite standpoint.

MAGA Building Blocks
MAGA Building Blocks inspire children to erect fondle limit wall

Twitter users forked out that Lego competence have a copyright transgression box on their hands. A Conservative tradesman is offered fondle kits that inspire users to build their possess tiny wall between a US and Mexico, with a heading that looks really identical to a Danish we company.

Also in a US sell hulk Amazon announced a preference to bottom a dual new domicile in New York and Virginia, sparking protests from New York residents.

Nike New York flagship House of Innovation 000
Nike’s rippled potion New York flagship aims to interrupt “concrete canyon”

NIKE denounced a new flagship store on New York’s 5th Avenue, with it’s heading swoosh realised in rippling and slumped glass. The masquerade was designed to interrupt a “concrete canyon” of a streetscape.

Beauty startup Glossier also denounced it’s flagship store in a city, featuring smear walls in pastel pinkish and a staircase of red quartz.

Puzzle Ball Theatre by Steven Chilton Architects
Puzzle Ball Theatre will be lonesome in geometric interlocking petrify panels

Futuristic designs were denounced opposite Asia, with Clouds Architects Office releasing renders for a off-world construction investigate centre in Japan set in a ridicule lunar landscape and designed regulating a principals of space architecture.

In China Steven Chilton Architects showed renders of a Puzzle Ball Theatre, a hulk architecture lonesome in interlocking panels of petrify combining an perplexing geometric pattern.

Johnson Naylor modify universe fight dual siphon hire into holiday home
Johnson Naylor translates universe fight dual pumping hire into holiday home on Dungeness beach

Projects that prisoner Dezeen reader’s courtesy this week embody a set of blackened-wood cabins, a wedge-shaped library, and a span of universe fight dual pumping stations converted into holiday homes.

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