Three migrant workers from NTT die in Malaysia in week – The Jakarta Post

Three Indonesian migrant workers from East Nusa Tenggara (NTT),  Melkianus Omenu, Dionisius David and Regina Bianco, have died in Malaysia within a week.

Siwa, behaving conduct of a Indonesian Migrant Workers Placement, Protection and Monitoring Agency (BP3TKI) in Kupang, pronounced his group was still questioning their standing of depart to Malaysia.

Melkianus Omenu, a 34-year-old proprietor of Atmen village, Insana Barat district, North Timor Tengah regency, died on Wednesday. Dionisius David and Regina Bianco, who were from Ende regency and Belu regency, respectively, died on Tuesday.

“So this week, 3 Indonesian migrant workers have died in Malaysia,” Siwa told on Friday.

He pronounced Melkianus, who was found in a center of a timberland in Kuching, Serawak, by his colleague, worked for a Malaysian orthodox physique Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) Ladang Subis 3 on Jl. Miri Bintulu, Kuching.

“Melkianus purebred with a National Agency for a Protection and Placement of International Migrant Workers [BNP2TKI] in Kupang in 2005,” he explained.

Siwa combined his bureau did not have any minute information on a deaths of Regina Bianco and Dionisius David, who both died in Selangor.

Previously, Indonesia available 32 deaths abroad of migrant workers from East Nusa Tenggara in a initial 5 months of this year, 31 of whom died in Malaysia and one who died in South Africa.





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