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Craig Burley breaks down what to design from Tottenham in their Champions League strife during Real Madrid.

LONDON — Moussa Sissoko is still removing over France’s improved in a final of Euro 2016 though a Tottenham midfielder says a big-game knowledge will be critical in a Champions League compare during Real Madrid.

Sissoko, who was one of a stars of a tournament, played in a hosts’ extra-time improved to Portugal during a Stade de France in Jul 2016, 6 weeks before his £30 million pierce from Newcastle United to Spurs.

On Tuesday, Sissoko, who was contemptible in his initial deteriorate in London, will face Portugal and Real whitchcraft Cristiano Ronaldo for a initial time given that night and he says a memory is still painful.

“Of march infrequently we still consider about this game. I’m still sad,” Sissoko said. “It was a large final during home and we mislaid though now it’s over. we need to demeanour forward. It’s a opposite diversion [on Tuesday] with another team, so we will not consider about a final Euro diversion with France.

“It wasn’t easy. We don’t play a final each day and, generally since we played during home, we wanted to move a prize [home]. We couldn’t for some reason — that’s football — though we need to lift on and demeanour forward. We have a integrate of years to play and afterwards we wish to have a possibility to a play a final again [at subsequent summer’s World Cup] and move some titles home.

“Of course, it helps we to ready for a form of diversion like Tuesday. A final is a large diversion and to play opposite Madrid divided is similar. We have a possibility to play opposite some of a best players in a world. But we will go there though pressure. we know we have a good group and a clever squad. It won’t be easy though we will go there to try to play, give a best on a representation and hopefully come behind with something.”

Moussa Sissoko is enjoying life during Tottenham.

Sissoko will also face countrymen Karim Benzema and Raphael Varane if he facilities during a Santiago Bernabeu and he pronounced that he had discussed a diversion with a France centre-half during a general break.

“I’ve oral with Varane about this game,” Sissoko said. “To joke, we pronounced to him, ‘If we go there, a chastisement would be good!’ He was laughing. But when we play a large game, we concentration on your group and forget about your friends. we don’t know if we will play or not, we will be prepared to give my best for assisting a team.

“I’m vehement and we’re all vehement since Real Madrid are a final champions of a Champions League and they’re a large team, and it’s away. When you’re a Spurs player, you’re vehement to play this form of game. We will go there though vigour and try to play a diversion routinely and hopefully come behind with some points from a Bernabeu.”

Sissoko has been most softened this deteriorate personification in a some-more executive purpose — that he feels is his “best position” — and he could play from a start opposite Real, with Dele Alli dangling and Mousa Dembele a doubt after blank a final 4 joining games.

The 28-year-old, who insists there is still some-more to come from him in a Spurs shirt, says large Champions League games are a reason he chose to join a club.

He said: “I came to Tottenham because, nonetheless we honour Newcastle, for me Tottenham is improved than Newcastle and they try to win a pretension in a joining and we have a possibility to play in a Champions League and that’s what we wanted. Now we have an event to play this form of game, so we wanted to join.

“I try to be improved and improved in each game. Maybe I’m doing good during a impulse though it’s not a end. we will try to be improved in each game, play good and assistance a group to win a lot of games. we try to make some passes [assists] and some goals since I’m a midfielder and that’s what we need.”

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