‘Trollhunters’: Marc Guggenheim on Season 2 Surprises & a Future of ‘Tales of Arcadia’


Now that a excellent Trollhunters Season 2 is accessible to tide on Netflix, we get to share with we this discuss with a DreamWorks show’s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim. A satisfactory warning forward of time that we’ll be removing into some spoiler territory, so if we haven’t watched a 13-episode run yet, we competence wish to do that first. And even if you have already watched all 13 episodes, we competence wish to go behind and watch them again since there’s roughly positively something we missed, something that competence reason a suspicion to a destiny of the Tales of Arcadia series.

I spoke with Guggenheim about a expansion of Trollhunters, a storytelling, and a expel of characters from Season 1 to Season 2, and beyond. While he couldn’t contend many about a arriving third (and final) deteriorate of a uncover or a spin-off series 3 Below and Wizards, he did provoke some of a connectors among a series. We also spoke once again about a hapless flitting of a late Anton Yelchin and, notwithstanding carrying available all of his performances for a entirety of this season, how his deficiency influenced a show. All that and some-more follows below!


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One thing we beheld was an engaging relapse of a arcs over a 13 episodes of Season 2. How distant in allege did we devise a rollout of a story? 

Marc Guggenheim: Basically, what we’ve done, and we did this in Season 1, we unequivocally consider of a uncover in 13-episode increments. If we go behind to Season 1, Episode 13 is a finish of a section and Episode 14 is a commencement of a new chapter. If Netflix had wanted to, they could have separate adult Season 1. We would always erect a deteriorate in 13-episode increments and rise a grid: What’s function with any character, what’s a logline, what’s a theme, is there a subplot that needs to be serviced? We’d always consider about any particular partial with a gameplan in mind, though we go into any deteriorate meaningful accurately what those 13 episodes are going to be and how they’re going to be structured out. Sometimes, over a march of a season, we’ll change a skeleton slightly, though those large constructional things tend to sojourn in place.

Another thing that stood out was a assured account structure and non-traditional proceed to storytelling.

Guggenheim: we couldn’t determine with we more. we consider we all felt like Season 1 was about table-setting: There were a lot of characters and a lot of concepts and worlds and whatnot to establish. we consider when you’re bustling laying all of those foundations, it can be distracting to start to play with structure, though one of a joys of doing Season 2 was that we had all in place; all of a pieces on a chessboard were in their correct squares by a finish of Season 1. So once we have arrange of finished your homework, now we can go out and play. We do suffer personification with account structure, though that’s a dessert after you’ve eaten your vegetables, from a essay perspective.

Episodes 8 and 9 are among my favorites usually since it is so narratively severe and interesting. As a result, we unequivocally feel like Season 2 is improved than Season 1, though either that’s unequivocally loyal is adult to a audience, not us, and it’s usually probable since we had finished a work of environment all adult scrupulously in Season 1.


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How prolonged have you been personification with a suspicion of revisiting Jim’s preference to turn a Trollhunter?

Guggenheim: we don’t remember that being partial of a Season 1 discussions. we wish to contend that that was something that came adult while we were violation Season 2. There were certain ideas in Season 2 that came out of a writers’ room in Season 1, like, “Oh if we get a Season 2 and if we do X, Y, and Z, afterwards we competence have this event to do this impulse here.” we consider that, in Episode 11, was usually something that came adult in a organic routine of violation Season 2.

While we got to see Jim behind in a fold, it was bittersweet due to a flitting of Anton Yelchin, generally in a partial where he gets to play with Jim’s mixed personalities. 

Guggenheim: That partial that you’re referring to, that we call the Multiplicity episode, that indeed came about during Anton’s request. Anton had so many fun doing a Crispy Jim impression from the Grit-Shaka partial that he said, “You know, we unequivocally enjoyed this, and if there was some approach we could do this again, that’d be great.” And we said, “We could maybe do we one better.” In this case, we consider we went 5 better, maybe more. Of all a episodes of Season 2, that partial is arguably a many delightful for me. It’s unequivocally good when you’re operative with an actor who … when Anton went into that Grit-Shaka episode, he went in with some terror since he wasn’t a voice actor, and voice behaving is a opposite ability set. There was a training bend for him, one that he felt, and we all felt, that by a finish of a Grit-Shaka episode, he had unequivocally nailed. The suspicion that he felt so assured in his talents that he could make that ask of us, and afterwards we write an partial that he usually knocks out of a park, it’s unequivocally gratifying.

You’re right, it’s done bittersweet by a fact that, not usually is he no longer with us, though it hurts a bit, not usually to not have him though to know that he never got a possibility to see what people suspicion of Trollhunters. He unfortunately upheld divided before a uncover came out, so as a result, he never got a possibility to see how dear a uncover became; that unequivocally is salt in a wound for us. It’s bad adequate to remove him though it’s done all a some-more tortured by a fact that he never got a possibility to see how many everybody loves these characters and loves Jim. It’s bittersweet.

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