TROLLHUNTERS Part 2 Trailer Revives a Fallen Favorite (Exclusive)

Last year, DreamWorks brought Guillermo del Toro‘s Trollhunters to Netflix as an charcterised array that explored Arcadia, a tiny city that is home to both humans and a dark civilization of trolls. A teen named Jim Lake was selected to be a new Trollhunter, though his conflict opposite a evil Gumm-Gumms cost him a life of his friend. As penance, Jim deserted his allies and set off into a Darklands alone. However, Jim’s trials are distant from over. In a disdainful premiere of a new trailer for Trollhunters partial two, Jim’s actions are about to pull some really unwelcome courtesy from an doubtful source. And a hunters will shortly turn a hunted.


The good news for Jim is that his friend, AAARRRGGHH!!!, doesn’t seem to be utterly as passed as he used to be. While it stays to be seen how AAARRRGGHH!!! will be revived, he will apparently be usually as pompous as ever. But Jim couldn’t ask for improved friends than AAARRRGGHH!!!, Toby, Blinky, and Claire. They’re all behind together for a new turn of adventures. Unfortunately for them, Gunmar, a absolute personality of a Gumm-Gumms, is still plotting his shun from a Darklands. And a trailer broadly hints that Gunmar will succeed.

This deteriorate will also symbol a final time that a late Anton Yelchin will yield Jim’s voice. But a 13 new episodes should offer as a wise reverence to Yelchin while giving fans an sparkling story that has usually started to unfold. Netflix will premiere a entirety of Trollhunters part dual on Friday, Dec 15.

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Images: DreamWorks Animation/Netflix

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