Tumpek Landep – Paying Homage to All Things Metal.


On Saturday, Oct 9, 2010, Balinese Hindus distinguished Tumpek Landep – a day in that loyalty is paid to apparatus done from steel, silver, bronze, copper and other metals.

Nature and God surrounds us all. On Tumpek Landep fruit, cakes and floral offerings together with strikingly pleasing peaces of woven palm root are placed on cars, motorbikes, machine and dedicated weapons.

Bali’s roads were filled with cars arrayed with multi-colored woven-palm panels merged to bumpers and side mirrors. Small baskets containing flower petals, fruits, cakes and even income were prayerfully placed on dashboards and automobile hoods. And, reflecting life in a complicated Bali, mechanized tractors, computers and televisions were also respected among a collection that heighten a existence.

A unfamiliar proprietor in Bali who once discharged a tradition of a People who seeks God’s blessing on a collection and implements of daily life as tiny animism, was fast reminded by a Balinese crony of how fast a immigrant resorts to eremite abuse whenever a square of machine ‘misbehaves.” Reminded a Balinese friend, “You, too, apparently trust a suggestion universe inhabits your collection and equipment.”

No Balinese domicile or association ignores Tumpek Landep. Ceremonies, prayers and offerings are prepared or purchased before their display from morning to night on this day of a Balinese calendar when God’s blessing is asked for a “weapons” of a daily life. While in a past a day was maybe some-more focused on a weapons of fight used by Bali’s soldier class, a jubilee currently seeks beauty for a collection of daily life with that we do conflict in fields, offices and factories opposite a island.

Quoted by a State news group Antara, a Chairman of a Guide Training module during a Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) in Denpasar, Drs. we Ketut Sumadi, explained that Tumpek Landep is a day in respect of Betara Siwa who’s pursuit it is to disintegrate and destroy collection and implements behind to their simple elements.

Tumpek Landep falls once each 210 days on a Balinese calendar. Farmers make live offerings to tillage implements, such as hoes, scythes and tractors. The offerings placed on cars, truck, motorcycles and bicycles are know in Bali as ceniga, sampian gangtung and tamiang.

Prayers and elaborate charity are presented as interjection to a kind God who has given humankind a collection and a believe that palliate a daily lives.

At a same time, a Balinese are ever-conscious that all collection used by male and sanctified by God can never be used recklessly; progressing a clever change between man, inlet and God in suitability with a Balinese principle of “Tri Hita Karana.”

Harking behind to an progressing bargain of Tumpek Landep, hundreds of weapons owned by Bali’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) were also sanctified on Oct 9th. Revolvers and prolonged rifles were given tiny particular offerings before being laid out in neat rows during Brimob’s Denpasar headquarter for a compulsory blessing by a Balinese priest.

Quoted in Kompas.com, Nanang Supena, Commander of Bali’s Brimob said, “today’s rite allows us to appreciate God for his beauty and his greatness; for giving us a metals indispensable by all mankind.”

Nanang added: “Our avocation forward is increasingly challenging. Hopefully a weapons will be as effective as a minds in any entrance battles.”

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