Video: Blue Bird cab drivers pound cabs of those who won’t join today’s open ride protest

We warned we yesterday about a massive open ride motorist criticism opposite ride-hailing services like Uber and GrabCar that would be holding place today, though we never suspicion that it would get this crazy.

Images of a protests from Jakarta’s categorical streets are trending on amicable media. From what they show, it looks like a criticism might be on a verge of erupting into a full blown riot.

One quite unsettling video has left viral in a past few hours. Netizens contend that it shows a garland of cab drivers, mostly from a Blue Bird company, stepping on and outstanding dual other Blue Bird taxis whose drivers didn’t wish to get concerned in a protest.

Here is a occurrence from another angle, that also thankfully shows that a enemy didn’t harm a motorist whose cab they smashed:

Detik reliable that a protesting drivers were targeting a dual Blue Bird taxis since they were transporting passengers during a time.   

In a apart scene, a really commencement of this video shows what looks like an Express cab motorist being forced out of his automobile by other drivers, presumably since he didn’t wish to join a criticism as well.

CNN Indonesia predicts that there could be adult to 10,000 protesting open ride drivers widespread out via supervision offices in Central Jakarta today. 6,000 military officers have been deployed to make certain things don’t get any some-more pell-mell than they already are.

The criticism is approaching to go on until 5:30pm today, so design extended trade jams via Central Jakarta all day today. And only to give we an thought of what a macet’s been like this morning:

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