VIDEO: Taste Test – Jakarta’s healthy burgers

MAM’s vs Burgreens’ burger, that one is some-more delicious?

JAKARTA, Indonesia — People always wish to eat tasty dishes yet feeling guilty for their figures. So it’s not warn that in a past several years, Jakarta has grown a marketplace for healthy foods.

Burgers are one of a many wanted junk food, yet some restaurants managed to offer a healthier chronicle of a dish.

For this part of Taste Test, Rappler tries dual burgers from dual opposite restaurants.

MAM Burger

The initial one we tasted was The Disastr Burger from MAM.

The grill is located in Senayan City Mall, South Jakarta. It is owned by a famous Indonesian actress, Dian Sastrowardoyo, who has a catering association together with her friends.

MAM, that usually non-stop final March, is famous as a healthy grill given their food are done with uninformed and organic ingredients.

The Disastr Burger tasted unequivocally good. It has dual beef wagyu patties, sandwiched between dual whole wheat buns, churned with cheese, lettuce, pepper, and a special salsa called Snow Patrol. The patty is really luscious and yummy, and tasty generally if we like wagyu beef.

It has a low turn of spiciness, and is delectable and honeyed during a same time. But it’s a small some-more in a costly end. It costs 116,500 rupiah or around $8.4 per portion, utterly pricey for a Indonesian market.

Burgreens’ Big Max

The second burger we tasted is Big Max from Burgreens. Burgreens has 3 locations in Jakarta – we forsaken by a rooftop grill in Tebet, South Jakarta.

Burgreens is a special grill given it usually serves dishes with internal and uninformed ingredients. They also have a vegan menu that does not enclose any animal products during all.

Big Max also uses whole wheat buns and consists of dual patties and lettuce. We can select dual opposite patties out of 4 options, that are all done with vegetarian ingrediets.

For this Taste Test, we chose a Mighty Mushroom patty and a Beans N’ Cheese patty. The fungus patty is delectable yet it was a small dry on a inside. The Beans N’ Cheese is a small bit some-more tainted than a fungus patty, yet was also delicious.

The other dual options for patties are Spinach Chickpeas and Crispy Tofu. Both are vegan.

Their salsa has a singular ambience given it was done with authentic Indonesian spices that was collected from all over Indonesia. Together with a vegetarian patties, Burgreens gave us a new knowledge of eating burger.

Even yet it was not done with beef, it still has a delectable and sweetness. The Big Max burger costs 80,000 rupiah or around $6 each.

So that one is some-more delicious, according to Rappler? Find out on a video above! —

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