Wales Euro 2016 film lands during series one in DVD charts – before …

Don’t Take Me Home – a film that charts Wales’ jubilant Euro 2016 debate has left into a DVD charts during series one – before it has even been strictly released.

The movie, named after a signature intone of Wales’ unassailable army of football fans, a Red Wall – will be expelled on DVD on Monday and it appears that fans can’t get adequate of a film that was hugely renouned when it was expelled in cinemas progressing this year.

It was an tour of epic proportions, an loser story estimable of a blockbuster movie. Lucky afterwards that Wales’ implausible tour to a semi-finals of a 2016 European Championships was ideally prisoner in a documentary from Merthyr-born Jonny Owen – described by The Guardian as “football’s biggest filmmaker”.

The film tells a story of a conspicuous few weeks in France as Wales shook a footballing universe and as story unfolds on shade a film focuses on a players, manager and supporters who played their partial in formulating a biggest moments in Welsh football history.

Now a DVD recover sits during series one in a Amazon Sports DVD charts, while a Blu-Ray chronicle is also a fourth biggest-selling recover in a tip 5 that also includes releases from Manchester United and a British and Irish Lions.

“I’m so gratified to see a film about a Welsh football group on tip of a charts,” pronounced Jonny, who is tough during work on his undisclosed new football project, “It’s been a illusory time for us and we overtly consider we are vital in a time of a biggest ever football team. Let’s bite and suffer each second of it, we merit it.

Don’t Take Me Home – a film that charts Wales’ jubilant Euro 2016 debate has left into a Sports DVD charts during series one – days before a central recover on Jul 3.

“When we done a film we couldn’t assistance though get unequivocally trustworthy to a players. Even some-more than we did final summer – that we suspicion would be impossible, though they unequivocally are a superb garland and have a good comradery.

“I consider that came from a adversity they went through. I’ve attempted to get that over in a film. Tell a story of where they came from. It’s conspicuous that they were a lowest ranked Welsh group ever and rose to be a highest.

“A year after and people are still articulate about it. That’s wonderful. we wish this film can assistance them relive it too. That was my aim anyway.”

Jonny Owen and his partner Vicky McClure during a UK premiere of Don't Take Me Home

Jonny Owen and his partner Vicky McClure during a UK premiere of Don’t Take Me Home
(Photo: David Mirzoeff/PA Wire)

He added: “I have to appreciate everybody for their unimaginable support generally a FAW. When they asked me to make a film they left me alone. They’d seen (Jonny’s prior we Believe In Miracles and pronounced they wanted me to make a film we wanted. They were as good as their word. In fact they didn’t see it until a Premier! Ha. That’s a truth.

“It was a best summer of my life.”

Don’t Take Home is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday, Jul 3.

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