Watch a trailer for one of Anton Yelchin’s final roles

The soulful, particular actor Anton Yelchin died in June 2016 but left behind a bequest of good performances — in Like Crazy, Alpha Dog, Star Trek, Only Lovers Left Alive, and Green Room, among others. And he had finished work on several plan as nonetheless unreleased, including a regretful play Porto. Check out a trailer above and a film’s central print below.

In Porto, Yelchin plays an American loner named Jake who creates a tie with a French student, Mati (Lucie Lucas), in a Portuguese city of a film’s title. According to a central tract description, “This knowledge is looked during years after regulating fragments from Mati and Jake’s lives apart, both of them still condemned by a absolute moments they shared. Working retrograde and brazen with time, and swapping a slight and far-reaching visible canvas, Porto reveals a inlet of a startling encounter, eventually settling into a one memorable night when Mati and Jake chanced on feelings of adore and passion that they never suspicion were possible.”

Porto will open in New York on Nov. 17 and in Los Angeles on Nov. 24, followed by a inhabitant release.

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