White House: British football fans should ‘think twice’ before going to …

Asked to explain a concerns, a central added: “If we get into any kind of problem there afterwards we only won’t have a wherewithal. People have accidents. They get ill, they need to be medivacked out.

“We’re not suggesting that there are going to be some vital sets of incidents though it’s only that there are those incomparable concerns.

“We were perplexing to work with a Russians on counter-terrorism as well. Any vast sporting eventuality no matter what republic now is a target. 

“And so we’ve now got reduction ability to be means to do with a Russians than before since they’ve decimated a counterparts who would be traffic with this kind of thing, for a UK and a US. 

The central added: “For a UK, we consider that is a large challenge. The UK is a good sporting nation, it takes a soccer seriously. UK soccer fans uncover adult everywhere. 

“Is your embassy going to be means to yield for them or are they going to have to afterwards outsource some of a unchanging consular support to others?”

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