World Cup Fans: Iceland diehards set to enthuse group in Russia

When Iceland competent for this year’s World Cup in October, it earnt a place in sporting history. 

The republic took Trinidad and Tobago’s climax as a smallest republic (by race size) to have reached football’s biggest tournament. 

The Nordic island republic is home to only over 330,000 people – reduction than a series of people vital in Canberra.   

Ten percent of Iceland’s race done a outing to France for a Euro 2016 contest to hearten on a group and a identical series is approaching in Russia this June.

Iceland fans during Euro 2016.

Among them will be propagandize football manager Vihjalmur Waage and his son Alexander, notwithstanding vital in Australia.

“Never in my wildest dreams did we design Iceland to validate for a World cup,” Mr Waage, who lives in Sydney, told SBS News. 

Vihjalmur Waage

Sweden World Cup fans

“For a Euros dual years ago we went to Iceland to be a partial of a fad and it was crazy.”

Mr Waage initial came to Australia on a businessman boat in a early 1970s and favourite what he saw so most he returned after in a decade with his mother and immature son.

He has been coaching during a internal propagandize for a past 18 years and has even taught his grandaughter’s football group Iceland’s famous Viking clap. 

Vihjalmur Waage

The feat intone became a tellurian materialisation after Iceland kick England 2-1 during a Euros and teams with Viking links including a NRL’s Canberra Raiders and a NFL’s Minnesota Vikings shortly adopted a craze.

Fairytale form

Iceland has now risen to 22nd in a universe and will go into a Group D clashes opposite Argentina, Nigeria and Croatia with a picturesque possibility of surpassing to a knockout stages.

England fans in Sydney.

Mr Waage says partial of a team’s strength is a fact a infancy of a republic is behind them. 

“Virtually everybody knows a hermit or a actor that plays for Iceland,” he said.

Iceland will be anticipating pivotal midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson, who plays for Premier League side Everton, recovers from his knee damage in time.

Then, Mr Waage said, a sky is a limit:

“Ideally if they get to a semi-final their competition would be Australia, afterwards we couldn’t lose.”

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