Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Full Ceramic Version Hands On: It’s White, It’s Black …

Xiaomi has finally unleashed a much-expected ceramic chronicle of a Mi Mix 2, scarcely dual months after a flagship indication was announced. The Mi Mix 2 comes in dual versions, a ceramic chronicle with an aluminium amalgamate support and a full ceramic version. What only got expelled is a full ceramic version and we know what, it comes with a huge 8GB RAM and even a inner memory is 128GB. As a outcome of a pattern and ramped adult memory, a version clutches a higher 4699 Yuan ($706) cost tag.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Full Ceramic version

The Mi Mix 2 Ceramic chronicle is accessible in a normal black colour and also has a White colour variant. that is a singular addition. Recall that Xiaomi had also expelled a White phony various for a Mi Mix at CES 2017 and a far-reaching acceptance of that colour book might have spurred a release of a same various for a Mi Mix 2.  Apart from a paint job, the White various also comes with a couple of tweaks, like having a 18K bullion ring around a back camera and fingerprint sensor also mounted during a rear.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Ful Ceramic version

Apart from a gold-plated ring, a whole physique is lonesome in ceramic that has left by a series of tests to safeguard that it meets a preferred standard. The physique has been subjected to a heat exam of adult to 1400°C while also subjected to a strength exam of adult to 240 tons. As for a packaging, it comes in a same wrapping box as a 6GB RAM chronicle and inside a box, you’ll find a Mix 2, a charging adapter and USB cable.

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The device will be accessible for sale on Nov 11 for a 11.11 selling festival in China. Ahead of that, Xiaomi is already usurpation reservations. You’ll find some-more palm on photos of a device from below.




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