Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review

Just like a predecessor, a Mi Mix 2 feels like one everlasting shade – interjection in partial to a vast chin that only dissolves in your palm changeable your concentration to a beautiful tip and side bezels or miss thereof.

At 5.99in, it’s a lot easier to use though a risk of pancaking your face with an random dump in bed. Some competence cruise a Full HD+ fortitude a fissure in a armour, though during 570ppi we can’t unequivocally complain. In fact, a boost to a battery life as a outcome is something we’ll happily embrace.

The shade still impresses with a liughtness and contrast, though with many flagships opting for OLEDs these days, a retinas are spoilt by those sable blacks we’re now removing used to.

Flip it around, and that’s where a enchanting ceramic behind resides. Great to reason and even nicer to demeanour at, a Mi Mix 2 still retains a climax for those overwhelming exteriors. It’s a gloriously glossy aspect that oozes character and fingerprints too unfortunately.

Worried your sweaty mitts will contaminate a flawless beauty? You can always strengthen it with a bundled case. Which is another work of art itself. Snapped onto a device, it’s tough to tell a Mix 2 is wearing a box during all. It feels unequivocally good to reason too.

The Mix 2 packs a high peculiarity bottom banishment speaker. It’s startling shrill with decent operation and clarity.

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