Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review

We have seen some fascinating smartphone innovations in new years, though if there’s one enlargement that has left on to turn a genuine head-turner, it would be 2016’s Xiaomi Mi Mix.

This trend-setter kicked off a bezel-less trend that has arguably culminated in a wallet-destroying iPhone X, and now a whole attention appears to be gripped with a enterprise to drastically revoke those bezels during all cost.

With a Mi Mix, Chinese organisation Xiaomi finished a distinguished statement, not usually from a pattern viewpoint though from a business one, too – it wants to be deliberate an equal to a vast players in a tellurian smartphone arena.

The association has now reworked a strange pattern and returned with a new Mi Mix 2, a some-more refined, judicious and a auspicious doing of a bezel-less judgment it did so most to promote.

Since a Mi Mix blazed a track a year ago, we have seen a handful of smartphones thinning down a bezels and maximizing that all-important screen-to-body ratio.

From a Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Essential Phone to a aforementioned iPhone X, a vast articulate indicate of 2017 is minimal bezel pattern – so most so that differently glorious inclination like a standard-sized Google Pixel 2 have been branded “old-fashioned” for unwell to follow a same trend.

The downside for Xiaomi is obvious; while a Chinese organisation competence have started this sold party, it’s been assimilated by some flattering renouned new guests.

The Mi Mix 2 is Xiaomi’s possibility to reassert a prevalence in this sold area – and it’s also a handset that a association has selected to spearhead a enlargement into Europe. Can it wish to contest with a likes of Apple, Samsung and LG? Let’s find out.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 cost and availability

  • Starts during approximately £430/$575/AU$840
  • Available from online re-sellers

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has launched in certain tools of Europe though isn’t strictly accessible in a UK, US or Australia. However, it does support LTE usually about everywhere in a world, so we can safely import it from online re-sellers such as Gearbest.

The Mi Mix 2’s pricing places it resolutely in a mid-range zone of a market, where it is expected to face unbending foe from a OnePlus 5T, another big-screen challenger.

The bottom indication comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for around £430/$575/AU$840. If we wish some-more inner space afterwards we can go all a approach adult to 256GB for roughly £100/$75/AU$85 extra.

A super-premium indication is also accessible in China that has 8GB of RAM and an wholly ceramic body.

As there’s not now a means of purchasing a phone though importing, pattern to compensate a small for general shipping and potentially some some-more on tip if your parcel is intercepted by etiquette when it arrives in a country.


  • Ceramic back, steel on a edges and Gorilla Glass 4 on front
  • Stunning finish on a scratch-proof ceramic back
  • Back is frail and attracts fingerprints

When it comes to aesthetics a Mi Mix 2 unequivocally hits a turn out of a park. Conceived by famous French engineer Philippe Starck, a phone combines a reward feel with pleasing looks that are comparatively singular in this cost bracket.

Many of a pattern cues witnessed in a Mi Mix have been retained, though a use of a 5.99-inch arrangement in place of a outrageous 6.4-inch row seen on a prototype creates a Mix 2 shorter by 7mm and narrower by 6.4mm. It’s also somewhat thinner.

All of this pleat has resulted in an altogether weight of 185g, that is 24g lighter than a strange Mi Mix. Some complained that a 2016 indication was simply too vast to use, and it seems that Xiaomi has taken this feedback on house and combined a some-more docile device.

The Mi Mix 2 has a ceramic behind reinforced by an aluminum frame. Ceramic isn’t a common element when it comes to smartphone manufacture, and it comes with positives and negatives.

It looks extraordinary and can't be scratched easily, though it is unequivocally frail and picks adult fingerprints with shocking regularity; it’s also impossibly slippy.

The sides are aluminum, that lends a phone a strong feel, while a shade is lonesome with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for protection.

A cosmetic hard-case is enclosed in a box – Xiaomi’s approach of revelation that it has combined a pleasing though easily-dropped handset – and while it still looks good with a box fitted, it’s a contrition to have to cover adult that overwhelming design.

On a front of a Mi Mix 2 there’s no space for bezels solely on a chin, usually next a screen. Xiaomi didn’t go a Apple or Essential track by including an overt “notch” for a front camera during a tip of a display.

Instead, a camera is located next a screen, a pierce that is certain to order opinion and something we’ll speak about later.

Xiaomi didn’t usually banish bezels this time around – it has also finished divided with a 3.5mm audio jack, with a USB Type-C to 3.5mm connector (kindly supposing in a box) providing your usually means of regulating connected cans.

On tip of a display, you’ll see a small earpiece that peeps out of a small cut-out in a center of a glass; a considerable though eventually injured “cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology” earpiece used on a strange Mi Mix has gone, that is unequivocally a certain as it was tough to hear in loud environments.

In terms of a some-more paltry pattern details, a dual-SIM container is on a left and a right corner has a volume rocker and power/lock key.

The super-fast and arguable fingerprint scanner is placed in an optimal position on a back – usually where your index finger rests, in fact – and is accompanied by Xiaomi’s branding that reads “MIX designed by Xiaomi” in gold.

Speaking of which, a camera has a bullion ring around it that unequivocally pops opposite that poetic black ceramic.

Xiaomi has bucked a trend of 2017 by not giving a Mi Mix 2 any kind of H2O or dirt resistance, so be clever regulating it nearby H2O – it competence not tarry an random dunk.


  • 5.99-inch IPS FHD display
  • 18:9 aspect ratio

With a screen-to-body ratio of over 80%, it should come as no warn that a defining underline of a Mi Mix 2 is a display. Xiaomi has left with a 1080 x 2160 fortitude notwithstanding a large 5.99-inch screen, that showcases an 18:9 aspect ratio with turn corners.

While some competence complain about a miss of a QHD panel, a arrangement looks good regardless and it’s most unfit to collect out particular pixels, even tighten up.

The IPS arrangement somewhat softens a punch to keep an eye-pleasing observation experience, while a shade liughtness is same to what we’ve seen on LG displays and offers a good change of liughtness and color.

Compared to AMOLED panels on phones like a Galaxy S8 or OnePlus 5T, it is a small reduction saturated. Color facsimile is on point, and if we like clear colors afterwards we can always tweak things from a settings – usually don’t pattern it to get anywhere nearby a impact of a Galaxy S8’s Super AMOLED screen.

Using a Mi Mix 2 outdoor is not a problem as it adjusts a liughtness to a entertaining extent in roughly no time.

One teenager censure is that a adaptive liughtness is mostly a small too assertive when indoors, dimming a shade down to a indicate where it’s tough to make out images – thankfully we can adjust this from a swipe-down presentation mirror during any time.

If you’re on a hunt for a best probable smartphone arrangement afterwards we competence cite a Galaxy S8 to this. But on a phone with such an immersive front panel, a arrangement on a Mi Mix 2 positively does not disappoint; it’s good for reading, examination video calm or usually browsing a web. Viewing angles are also unequivocally impressive, even in well-lit conditions.

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