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It’s already formidable to equivocate people claiming that Apple invented a zero-bezel mobile phone with a iPhone X. They are, of course, articulate nonsense. The stream disturb for ‘all screen’ smartphones is mostly down to Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, who expelled a smartphone called a Mi Mix in Nov of final year.

Now Xiaomi has expelled a new chronicle called, with some predictability, a Mi Mix 2. To get your hands on a Mix 2 we need to buy one undisguised from a Chinese reseller such as GearBest, who granted a examination unit. That’s a bad news.

The good news is that we will usually be profitable around £450 (inc. VAT) when we do: a Mi Mix 2 is rebate than half a cost of a £999 iPhone X and hardly two-thirds a cost of a £689 Samsung Galaxy S8. For a money, usually a rather some-more required OnePlus 5T comes close.

The ubiquitous accord is that ‘bezel-free’ means carrying a shade that takes adult some-more than 80 percent of a device’s front aspect area. In a normal pattern that series is many reduce — 72 percent for a Samsung Galaxy S7, and a squalid 65 percent for a new iPhone 8.

All of a tip contenders in a zero-bezel stakes — a iPhone X, a Mix 2, LG’s V30 and Samsung’s Galaxy 8 and Note 8 — have screen-to-body ratios in a 81-84 percent range.


The Mi Mix 2 succeeds Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, that kicked off a minimal-bezel smartphone trend. The 5.99-inch ceramic and aluminium Mix 2 is an glorious device, designed by Philippe Starck.

Image: Xiaomi

Despite a spare bezels, a first-generation Mi Mix was still a bit of a large lump. No matter how many we minimise a shade surround, a 6.4-inch arrangement still creates for a large phone. The new indication uses a 5.99-inch screen, that along with a 12 percent rebate in a abyss of a ‘chin’ creates it easier to hold. In particular, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is easier to reach.


Note a 18-carat camera lens surround.

Image: Xiaomi

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Designed by a eminent Philippe Starck, a well-developed Mix 2 has a ceramic and aluminium physique and looks each in. a cutting-edge flagship smartphone. The 18-carat bullion prominence surrounding a camera lens is a utterly good touch.

It might not be utterly as stunningly glorious as a Special Edition Mix 2, that has an wholly ceramic unibody shell, though it’s still one of a best-looking smartphones on a market.

Measuring 151.8mm high by 75.5mm far-reaching by 7.7mm thick and weighing 185g, a Mix 2 is somewhat bigger than a iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, nonetheless both of a latter have smaller 5.8-inch displays.

The Mix 2’s 1,08-by-2,160-pixel IPS arrangement is unequivocally easy on a eye. Colour superfluity and contrariety levels are glorious and there’s copiousness of liughtness available. The shade is lonesome with a covering of callous Gorilla Glass 4, so we don’t need to be too peaceful with it.

The Mix 2’s pixel firmness of 403ppi can’t utterly compare a iPhone X’s 458ppi on paper, though it’s roughly unfit to tell a disproportion regulating a exposed eye. And remember, a some-more pixels a battery has to irradiate a faster it drains.

To serve assistance matters a Mix 2 packs a large battery — 3,400mAh compared to a iPhone’s 2,716mAh and a Galaxy S8’s 3,000mAh. Getting a full day of complicated use from a Mix 2 is a cinch.


An additional 2GB of RAM helps a Mi Mix 2 kick Samsung’s Galaxy S8 in benchmark tests.

Image: Alun Taylor/ZDNet

Xiaomi has managed to widen a shade right to a tip of a device though chance to a unsightly ‘notch’ seen on a iPhone X. However, this has meant relocating a webcam to next a screen, that takes some removing used to — not slightest since if we reason your phone in your right palm it’s all too easy to cover a camera lens with your thumb.

Luckily a camera interface rotates by 180 degrees even if a shade revolution is locked. This lets we take selfies or make video calls with a phone upside down and a webcam during a top.

One thing a Mix 2 does give divided is waterproofing. Both a iPhone X and Galaxy S8 are H2O resistant (IP67 and IP68 respectively), though Xiaomi’s flagship is not. Having never forsaken my phone in a reservoir or down a toilet I’m not too worried about this, though if we frequently use your phone in a bath or out in a pouring sleet we might be.

Usefully Xiaomi bundles a Mix 2 with a high-quality silicone fender box to strengthen it opposite drops and scrapes.

Instead of a required earpiece speaker, a first-generation Mix used something called a ‘cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic device’. This caused a physique of a phone to ring as a loudspeaker and honestly sounded a bit strange.

Thankfully a Mix 2 has a required though impressively compress orator squeezed in above a display. This orator works in and with a incomparable motorist during a bottom to beget almost-stereo audio.

The Mix 2 runs Android 7 (Nougat), though Xiaomi phones run Google’s mobile OS alongside a possess customised MIUI (pronounced ‘me-you-eye’) overlay. And while MIUI v9 giveth, it also taketh away.


Autostart limitation is a MIUI underline that can extend battery life (left). Dual Apps lets we run twin apps in opposite accounts during a same time (middle). Split shade is a new underline with MIUI v9 (right).

Images: Alun Taylor/ZDNet

On a and side, we get a choice to emanate twin graphic workspaces (Second Space), run twin instances of a same app (Dual Apps) and also shorten that apps can start automatically. There’s even a rather accessible split-screen option, and glorious confidence and record manager apps.

On a downside a behind harmony of MIUI with progressing versions of Android all a approach behind to 4.4 somewhat boundary what we can see in — and do directly from — a notifications bar in comparison with a many new versions of Google’s mobile OS.

I’ve been regulating MIUI on my Xiaomi Mi6 for several months now and on change we find it adds some-more than it detracts from a Android experience. Currently, MIUI runs on tip of Android 7.1.1, though an ascent to Android 8 (Oreo) will arrive in a new year.

Thanks to Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 835 SoC and 6GB of RAM, a Mix 2 is a unequivocally absolute device that earnings benchmark exam formula on a standard with a many costly flagship devices. There’s no space for a MicroSD card, though with possibly 64GB, 128GB (as tested) or 256GB of inner storage, that’s unequivocally not a problem.

More contentiously there’s no 3.5mm audio jack. Xiaomi does supply a USB-C-to-3.5mm adapter, though I’d still advise investing in a span of Bluetooth headphones.

The 12MP back camera — carried from a Xiaomi Mi6 though lacking a 6’s x2 visual wizz — is zero special, though it focuses fast and has 4-axis picture stabilisation. Daylight images demeanour glorious and it works pretty good in low light. It can also record 4K video during 30fps. The 5MP front camera is also fit rather than outstanding.

The Mix 2 supports only about each 4G LTE rope there is — 24 of them by my count, so it will work with all UK 4G services — as good as Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and dual-band 802.11ac wi-fi. If we transport frequently a Mix 2’s support for twin SIM cards is apparently value having.



Image: Xiaomi

For a income — rebate than half a cost of an iPhone X and two-thirds a cost of a Samsung Galaxy S8 — Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 is a overwhelming smartphone. It looks and feels fantastic, performs good and represents a near-miracle of packaging. And on tip of all that, you’ll have a phone that nothing of your friends or colleagues have.

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