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What is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

While Apple competence be creation headlines this year with a slim bezel of a iPhone X, it’s by no means a initial association to enter this arena.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 famously asked consumers to ‘unbox’ their handset, nonetheless before to that, Chinese association Xiaomi had determined a full-screen prophesy with 2016’s Mi Mix.

That device was some-more a judgment phone, nonetheless Xiaomi is behind with a supplement handset that’s set to spearhead a long-overdue enlargement into Europe. The Mi Mix 2 boasts a 5.99-inch shade surrounded by a steel framework and a ceramic behind panel. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset and make-up 6GB of RAM in a bottom configuration, this is undoubtedly a top-tier device – nonetheless it can be purchased from online re-sellers such as Gearbest for around £440.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Design and display

The strange Mi Mix was something of a beast, even nonetheless a edge-to-edge arrangement reduced a bezels (on 3 sides, during least) to many none. Xiaomi has mutated a pattern of a Mi Mix 2 rather in sequence to make it some-more docile in a palm – a arrangement has forsaken from 6.4-inches to 5.99-inches.

We’re still resolutely in phablet domain here, nonetheless compared to other 6-inch handsets a Mi Mix 2 isn’t as large as you’d expect. That beautiful LCD shade fills roughly a whole front of a phone; a chin during a bottom remains, nonetheless is smaller than it was on a strange Mi Mix.

The dull edges of a Mi Mix 2 are unequivocally ‘iPhone’. The behind is of a premium-feel ceramic material, that – while something of a fingerprint magnet – creates a phone demeanour stunning. It’s also scratch-resistant, nonetheless don’t pattern it to sojourn in one square if we occur to dump a device; Xiaomi bundles in a protecting box with a phone for good reason.

The super-fast fingerprint scanner is positioned on a behind of a handset, and above it you’ll find a 12-megapixel camera, that is surrounded by a rather appealing gold-plated ring.

The bottom corner of a device is home to a USB Type-C pier and one of dual speakers (the other is in a earpiece), and a volume and energy buttons reside on a right-hand edge. The SIM label tray – that accepts dual nano-SIMs during once – is on a conflicting edge.

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The use of steel and ceramic gives a Mi Mix 2 some critical weight, nonetheless it’s offset easily and feels reassuringly robust. If someone told we this was Samsung or Apple’s latest handset we wouldn’t doubt it for a second; it’s definitely gorgeous.

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Unfortunately, Xiaomi hasn’t been means to embody any kind of water- or dust-resistance . In addition, it’s also lacking a 3.5mm headphone socket, nonetheless a manufacturer has been kind adequate to embody an adapter in a box.

As mentioned, a 5.99-inch IPS LCD shade dominates a front of a Mi Mix 2, and is lonesome by super-tough Gorilla Glass 4 for protection.

Its 1080 x 2160 fortitude offers a pixel firmness of 403ppi, that formula in pin-sharp picture quality. The row is bright, charming and striking, with glorious observation angles and good legibility in proceed sunlight. The high and slim 18:9 aspect ratio means a phone isn’t too far-reaching to reason in one hand, either.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Performance

With Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset job a shots, it goes nonetheless observant that a Mi Mix 2 is sanctified with lightning-fast performance. 6GB of RAM is enclosed in a bottom model; a some-more costly various has a whopping 8GB.

The finish outcome is a phone that can hoop flattering many any assign we chuck during it. Switching between apps is well-spoken and stutter-free, and heated 3D games run beautifully. This unequivocally is a flagship phone knowledge in terms of performance, with no corners cut whatsoever.

It competence not be apparent a impulse we spin it on, nonetheless a Mi Mix 2 is armed with stereo speakers, one on a bottom corner and a other in a earpiece – a identical proceed to that taken by Apple with a phones.

The pivotal disproportion here is that a peculiarity of these speakers is noticeably weaker; drum is self-existent and a earpiece orator is rather feeble. As a result, it mostly sounds like there’s usually one orator working, that is a shame.

Still, during slightest Xiaomi opted to embody a genuine earpiece this time around – a strange Mi Mix used “cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology” to radically quiver a phone’s support to emanate sound. As considerable as this technical attainment was, it resulted in a unequivocally low call volume. This isn’t an emanate with a Mi Mix 2, interjection to a some-more normal earpiece.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Software

Like many other Android handset makers, Xiaomi installs a possess user interface skin over a tip of Google’s core mobile OS. MIUI has been around for utterly some time now, and is one of a some-more impassioned UI skins. In a past it’s been branded ‘iOS on Android’, interjection to a fact that it borrows many thematic elements from Apple’s software.

Over a past few updates this has changed, nonetheless there are still a few similarities. The many apparent is a miss of an app drawer. On a whole, though, MIUI offers some neat innovations of a own, alongside a standard low customisation for that Android is famed.

You can download homescreen and app idol themes, emanate a ‘second space’ for a designation of some-more than one duplicate of a same app, and even randomise your lockscreen wallpaper, pulling images from Xiaomi’s servers to safeguard we have a opposite demeanour for any day.

The Mi Mix 2 we reviewed ships with MIUI 8.5, that sits on tip of Android 7.1.1. MIUI 9 has usually been launched and is solemnly nonetheless certainly being pushed to Xiaomi’s 2017 handsets as we speak. It’s still formed on Android Nougat, nonetheless comes with a raft of improvements, including a ability to run dual apps on-screen during once – usually like Samsung’s phones.

Xiaomi is flattering assertive when it comes to OTA updates and works with a village to discharge bugs and cause in requested features. This creates MIUI a flattering sparkling prospect. However, if we find we don’t like Xiaomi’s prophesy for Android, we can always implement a Google Now Launcher to make it during slightest look like a batch Google experience.

Note that a section we were sent in for examination ships with a Chinese chronicle of MIUI. While this does have an English denunciation option, it comes preloaded with apps dictated for a Chinese market.

It also refuses to play good with some location-based services, that pattern we to be in a Far East. It lacks central Google app support, and while it’s ideally probable to implement all of a applicable components to get Google’s ecosphere running, a phone still tries to pull we behind to Xiaomi’s possess digital storefront whenever it can.

With a bit of bid it’s probable to implement a tellurian chronicle of MIUI – that eliminates roughly all of these annoyances – and that’s something we suggest we do during a beginning presumably opportunity. A word of warning, however: it’s anything nonetheless a candid procession and requires we to clear a phone’s bootloader and peep new firmware updates regulating PC-based software.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Camera

The Mi Mix 2’s 12-megapixel Sony IMX368 sensor comes with phase-detection autofocus and 4-axis visual picture stabilisation. As such, when conditions are right, it’s means of holding some unequivocally considerable images.

Unfortunately, low-light sharpened is a hit-and-miss affair, with a sensor struggling to concede in adequate light for a decent shot – even when aided by a handset’s tradition low-light sharpened mode. Admittedly, a rapid dual-tone peep doesn’t assistance in these situations either, given it tends to rinse out a photo.

Compared to a images we can take on a iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8, a Mi Mix 2’s photos underline some-more assertive compression, that formula in a thespian detriment of fact when we wizz in close.

It’s also obscure as to because Xiaomi motionless opposite make-up a dual-camera setup on this phone, notwithstanding regulating dual cameras on a Mi6 handset – a second, wide-angle sensor would have been welcome. 4K video recording is probable during 30 frames a second, nonetheless audio recording is rather poor.

With that large shade stuffing a arrangement on a front, Xiaomi has had to get artistic when it comes to a chain of a front-facing selfie camera. The camera is located in a bottom-right of a phone’s front, that means we have to spin a handset around to take a normal selfie shot. Thankfully, a UI prompts we to do this whenever we switch to a front sensor. It’s a amiable annoyance, nonetheless not one that will keep anyone watchful during night.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Battery life

The battery inside a Mi Mix 2 is rated during 3400mAh, that is a dump from a enormous 4400mAh energy dungeon contained inside a predecessor. Shrinking a phone down left Xiaomi small choice, and a good news is that even with a rebate in ability a Mi Mix 2 has some critical staying power.

I was means to positively get an whole day of sincerely complicated use on a singular charge. If we was a small some-more medium with my demands, it managed to get by half of a following day, too. Since it sports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, a phone can go from many zero to 85% battery in usually over an hour. There’s no wireless charging, however.

The bottom indication of a Mi Mix 2 has 64GB of storage, nonetheless 128GB and 256GB editions are also available. Choosing a right storage volume is critical – sadly, a Mi Mix 2 doesn’t support microSD cards, that is surprising for a Chinese device.

Why buy a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

From a pattern perspective, a Mi Mix 2 is a overwhelming smartphone. Xiaomi has been producing jaw-dropping inclination for a past few years now, nonetheless this could presumably be a company’s many appealing charity yet. It looks and feels great, with a ceramic behind and a gold-plated camera giving it a genuine hold of class.

On a downside, a miss of H2O and dirt insurance is unsatisfactory – generally given flattering many each flagship phone has it now – and a camera opening is rather underwhelming in low light.

I’d also contend that unless you’re peaceful to tinker with a phone’s program to implement a tellurian chronicle of MIUI, you’ll have to put adult with a China-focused user knowledge – that is mostly a small obscure and disorientating.

These niggles aside, a Mi Mix 2 offers positively implausible value for income during under £450 – reduction than half a cost of a £1000 iPhone X.


In many each courtesy a Mi Mix 2 is a flagship handset that can mount unapproachable with a best a smartphone universe has to offer.

Thanks to Gearbest for provision a section used in this review.

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