Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S review: A good choice to a notch

The Mi Mix 2S starts off during $540 in China, and it’s expected a phone will entrance during around a same cost indicate in India and other Asian markets. Right now, a usually approach to get your hands on a Mi Mix 2S is around a reseller site like Gearbest or Honorbuy, where it starts off during $650. Accounting for customs, you’re looking during spending north of $700, and that creates a phone a non-starter in Western markets.

For that price, you’re improved off picking adult a Galaxy S9+ or a Pixel 2 XL. Both offer higher-res screens, improved cameras, and we won’t remove out on after-sales use should your device run into any issues.

The Mi Mix 2S is a ideal choice if you’re not sole on a notch.

Xiaomi hasn’t suggested when it will move a Mi Mix 2S to India, though if a phone launches during around a ₹36,999 cost indicate as a predecessor, it will be one of a best inclination in this category. OnePlus is set to hurl out a arriving flagship, that we’ll expected see over a march of a subsequent month deliberation a OnePlus 5T is sole out.

OnePlus dominated this shred in India final year, though a Mi Mix 2S has a mixture to mountain an effective plea this time around. More importantly, a phone is an choice to those that aren’t sole on a thought of a nick yet, and that might spin out to be a pivotal differentiator for intensity customers.

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