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Xiaomi is now a fourth largest smartphone company in Europe according to investigate organisation Canalys, and a new Mi Mix 2S is one of many reasons why. Available during an implausible £389.99, this top-end phone should have a cost tab twice that amount.

The Mi Mix 2S’ class-leading performance, pleasing pattern and feature-heavy specification make it formidable to demeanour during any other flagship in utterly a way. It is justification that shopping from China can give we so many some-more for your money, nonetheless here with nothing of a common risk: a Global indication we’ve reviewed supports 43 bands, that means it will work ideally in a UK, and it has full Google services preinstalled, including a Google Assistant.

Key new facilities in this ‘S’ indication over a prior Mi Mix 2 include a faster Snapdragon 845 processor, a dual-camera with AI and Qi wireless charging. It still has a bezel-less (at slightest on 3 sides) and also notch-less 18:9 large-screen arrangement we’ve formerly admired, and beautiful ceramic pattern that, on a black indication (it’s also accessible in white), facilities 18K gold bling on a rear.

Mi Mix 2S review

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Mi Mix 2S review: Price Availability

Xiaomi is gradually operative a approach into new markets around a globe. Outside of China it has had a participation in India for some time now, and recently done an entrance into Spain. Later in May a association will strictly launch a products in France and Italy, and a US stays on a cards too.

The UK is still a no-Xiaomi zone, however. Until that changes, in sequence to get a Mi Mix 2S we will need to import it from China. There are some things we should be wakeful of when shopping from China, such as a requirement of profitable import avocation (20 percent of a value quoted on a shipping paperwork), longer smoothness times and intensity headaches should your product arrive faulty. We’ve summarized them all here.

All a Xiaomi examination samples come from GearBest, and it is stocking a 64GB storage, 6GB RAM Global indication reviewed here during just £389.99/US$519.99/€441.99.

That’s a presale price, with pre-orders finale 14 June, nonetheless GearBest intends to boat a Mi Mix 2S between 17- and 29 May.

You can also buy versions of a Mi Mix 2S with some-more storage and 8GB of RAM. We’d be amazed to find this phone’s opening an emanate for any user, nonetheless a skip of microSD support competence lure we to instead squeeze a 128- or 256GB model.

All models are accessible in black (with 18K bullion trim) or white (with chrome trim).

Mi Mix 2S review

Mi Mix 2S review: Design Build

One of a many important things about a Mi Mix 2S has always been a design. The strange Mi Mix kicked off a whole full-display trend, near-bezel-less on 3 sides and during a time impossibly futuristic-looking.

The arrangement was polished for a Mi Mix 2S, reduced in distance to 5.99in (which also meant shortening a altogether distance of a device and a battery capacity), nonetheless it defended a informed design, including a ceramic case.

Now in chronicle 3 (or some-more accurately 2.5), a Mi Mix 2S is roughly uncelebrated from a Mi Mix 2. The phones are a same size, with a examination representation measuring 158.6×74.9×8.1mm and weighing 189g, with a same 5.99in arrangement and 3400mAh battery.

There are some pointed differences, such as a quarrel of drilled holes to a left of a USB-C pier has been transposed by a singular hole for a mic. It’s still customarily a mono orator inside, so there’s unequivocally no need for dual rows.

Mi Mix 2S review

From a behind a single-lens camera with dual-LED peep has changed from top-centre to top-left, now assimilated by a second lens with a peep separating a two. It still protrudes somewhat from a body, and on a black indication during slightest has an 18K bullion trim. It’s touches like this, and a ceramic body, that symbol out a Mi Mix 2S as a reward phone.

The fingerprint scanner, formerly subsequent a camera, hasn’t moved. We were anticipating to see this integrated to a shade technology, given that a Mi Mix has always been famous for a insubordinate pattern (it was creatively a judgment phone). Looks like we competence be watchful for a Mi7 for this (expected to launch on 23 May).

One final change that’s manifest underneath tighten inspection is ever so somewhat some-more dull edges during a rear, that make a Mi Mix 2S some-more gentle in a singular palm and exhibit reduction of a aluminium support when noticed from a back.

Mi Mix 2S review

The altogether outcome is of a phone that customarily feels so good in a hand. The ceramic is well-spoken to a hold – if a tiny sleazy – with a beautiful counterpart finish. It does collect adult some fingerprints, nonetheless it’s not too bad.

It feels a lot worse than glass-back smartphones, and spin a front there’s Gorilla Glass 4 to strengthen a display. It’s still not waterproof, and that’s subsequent on a wishlist for a Mi Mix.

Xiaomi has kept a smaller chin it introduced with a Mi Mix 2, nonetheless unfortunately it still is home to a selfie camera. We’re not outrageous fans of a increasingly common ‘notch’ design, nonetheless a front camera does have to go somewhere and subsequent a shade is not an ideal solution, generally when it means we need to spin a phone upside down to take a selfie.

The shade bezels sojourn minimal to a tip and left/right sides, with customarily a tiny cut for a earpiece manifest during a tip of a display.

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Mi Mix 2S review: Features Specs 


The Mi Mix 2S is propitious with a 5.99in 18:9 display, that has a full-HD+ fortitude of 2160×1080 pixels. Though this is not as high as Quad-HD+ phones such as a Galaxy S9, to be satisfactory that phone defaults to Full-HD+ to maximize battery life in any case. And it’s still ideally clear, arrangement good minute images and content giveaway from fuzz. Xiaomi has not nonetheless combined Quad-HD arrangement tech to any phone in a line-up.

It’s a decent panel, that provides picturesque colours, good contrariety and clever observation angles, nonetheless if we’re honest it’s not as punchy as we’d like. Not everybody likes a jam-packed colours of AMOLED, nonetheless this arrangement customarily seems to be lacking a tiny ‘something’.

It is usefully bright, though, and in a tests we totalled 363cd/m2, nonetheless we did find automobile liughtness can be a bit strike and miss.

Mi Mix 2S review

Processor and performance

This competence be a entry-level Mi Mix 2S we’re reviewing here, nonetheless we were blown divided with a performance. Though you’ll expected see a tiny some-more in some tests from a versions with 8GB of memory, this 6GB RAM chronicle was some-more than means of gripping adult with a competition.

The Mi Mix 2S uses a same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor as a infancy of 2018 Android flagships, a chip that has been built on a second-generation 10nm production routine and promises poignant gains in tender opening and appetite efficiency. It’s here clocked during 2.8GHz, and integrated with a Adreno 630 GPU.

In real-world use a Xiaomi is a quick and manageable device no matter what we assign it with, and how many things we assign it with during once.

Nevertheless, we did run a common benchmarks on a phone, and found glorious formula that are right adult there with new flagships – even improved in some cases (compare these in a draft below).

It fared utterly good in graphics benchmarks, and this is expected since we use a onscreen variants of those tests and a Mi Mix 2S has ‘only’ a Full-HD+ display. However, a Geekbench 4 multi-core measure of 9099 is outstanding, and we also accessible a really good 266,962 in AnTuTu.

Battery life

The Mi Mix 2S has a same battery ability as a Mi Mix 2 before it, during 3,400mAh. Like that phone, light users competence get a day and half usage, nonetheless for everybody else it should get them by a full operative day and no more.

What’s new here, though, is a further of wireless charging. You can use any concordant Qi charging pad or dock, nonetheless note that a limit charging speed accessible is 7.5W. This means it will assign slower wirelessly than wired.

The Mi Mix 2S supports Quick Charge 3.0 and a 24W horse is granted in a box. Using this granted charger, we found a Xiaomi was means to get from 0 to 53 percent in 30 minutes. 

We also ran a Xiaomi by a Geekbench 4 battery exam (with shade liughtness dimmed to 120cd/m2). It incited in a time of 5 hours and 37 minutes, with a measure of 3365. In comparison to other Android phones, this is a intermediate score.

Mi Mix 2S review


In common with many Chinese phones a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S supports dual-SIM dual-standby functionality (two nano-SIMs), nonetheless distinct many of those phones a second container does not double adult as a microSD slot. You’re stranded with a volume of storage we buy, so select delicately between a 64-, 128- and 256GB inner storage options.

There’s no IR blaster here, nonetheless customarily about each other connectivity bottom is lonesome here, including NFC. There’s Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, USB-C and OTG support, and a Mi Mix 2S supports Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Display.

We’d like to have seen a fingerprint scanner built into a screen, nonetheless it stays in a prior plcae on a behind of a handset. It’s manageable and works fast, and is within easy strech as we collect adult a phone in a singular hand.

Mi Mix 2S review


Surprisingly for a flagship, a Mi Mix 2S has simply a mono orator for audio. It’s indeed utterly loud, nonetheless some exaggeration is important during max volume and it struggles with both drum and treble.

Less surprisingly, it adopts a latest trend of ditching a 3.5mm headphone jack in foster of USB-C audio. There is an adaptor in a box so we can use your aged pair, tucked divided alongside a silicon case.

Cameras and photography

One of a vast changes for a Mi Mix 2S is a dual-camera. Xiaomi is selling this as an AI camera, that in hint means it is means to intelligently work out what you’re perplexing to take a print of and set a stage accordingly.

That’s ideal if you’re a arrange of chairman who isn’t during all meddlesome in primer sharpened modes and would rather collect adult a camera and snap away, nonetheless it isn’t apparent to a user what it’s indeed doing in this mode – it appears to boost a picture superfluity and liughtness nonetheless not many else.

The dual-camera consists of one 12Mp Sony IMX363 lens with 1.4um pixels and an f/1.8 aperture, and a second 12Mp Samsung S5K3M3 lens with 1.0um pixels and an f/2.4 aperture, that enables telephoto and mural capabilities. Only a categorical lens supports OIS.

DxO Mark awarded this camera a really high measure of 101 points, nonetheless of march we run a possess tests.

We found a Mi Mix 2S constructed better-quality images than a predecessor, with good colours and pointy lines. It did a good pursuit in low-light, too, giving a lot of fact to content and means to collect out several shades of black. It’s not perfect, though, and a tiny volume of sound is manifest even in well-lit shots. See some of a exam shots below.

Mi Mix 2S Auto

The Mi Mix 2S can also fire 4K video.

Around a front is a 5Mp selfie camera with 1.12um pixels and an f/2.0 aperture. It’s not a world’s best front-facing camera, nonetheless if selfies are your number-one priority afterwards a Mi Mix 2S is not for we in any case.

It’s no good for apps such as Snapchat, given that we have to spin a phone upside down, and if we don’t do that you’ll find yourself holding it many aloft above your conduct than you’d like customarily to equivocate that double chin.

Software and apps

In common with all Xiaomi phones a Mi Mix 2S runs MIUI 9. It’s formed on Android Oreo, and as this is a Global chronicle of a phone we have full entrance to Google services out of a box, including Google Play.

Android Oreo is a latest Android handling system, nonetheless Google is now beta-testing Android P, that will be expelled after in a summer. It’s engaging to note that a Mi Mix 2S is one of a few phones that supports this beta, that will make it some-more appealing if we customarily can’t wait to try out Android’s latest features.

We stranded with MIUI 9 for a purpose of this review, of course, an OS with that we have turn rather informed nonetheless new users competence still find daunting. It’s not customarily that Xiaomi preinstalls a possess apps for all a things you’d customarily design to see Google apps, nonetheless it removes a app tray (in a really iOS-like fashion) and reorganises a Settings menu. As we always indicate out, though, we can make use of a hunt choice in a Settings, and use folders to organize your home screens as we wish.

Mi Mix 2S review

MIUI has several additional facilities over customary Android, and a integrate of a comparison facilities that have been around for years nonetheless are still useful for usability – generally on a vast shade such as this – are One-handed mode and Quick Ball.

The former shrinks a serviceable shade distance to make it easier to use in a singular hand, and it can align this to a left or right corner of a arrangement to fit left- and righthanded users alike. Quick Ball, meanwhile, places onscreen a mobile quick-access by-pass to common facilities such as Home and Back.

Other facilities of note include: Second Space, that lets we emanate a apart operative sourroundings on your phone and will be accessible if you’re flitting a phone over to a child and wish them to be means to entrance customarily certain apps; and Dual Apps, that let we run dual instances of a same app, and competence be useful if you’re regulating dual SIMs in a phone.

A new underline for a Mi Mix 2S is a Guide, that is a appropriate in from a left of a categorical home screen. It lets we fast jot down notes, supplement shortcuts to visit apps, and alerts we to arriving calendar events.

In China a Mi Mix 2S has a possess intelligent assistant, nonetheless here in a UK you’ll be means to use a Google Assistant.

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