zaha hadid architects + a_lab to finish dual stations in oslo as partial of new metro line

zaha hadid architects, operative alongside norwegian organisation a_lab, has won a foe to pattern dual new metro stations in oslo. a fornebu senter and fornbuporten stations are dual of 6 designed for a city’s fornebubanen line. a new 8 kilometer (5 mile) track will run in a sub-surface hovel joining majorstuen rotate hire in oslo’s city core to fornebu senter — with a ride time of approximately 12 minutes.

zaha hadid oslo metro
all images by VA, pleasantness of zaha hadid architects



with a pattern that calls to mind norway’s alpine landscapes and fjords, a fornebu senter hire carves canyons and spaces for a upsurge of people. echoing this judgment of re-imagined freezing landscapes, open plazas during travel turn renovate fluidly into entrances during possibly finish of a station, apropos assembly places for their new village with a graphic architectural identity.

zaha hadid oslo metro
fornebu senter hire with both west and easterly entrances



meanwhile, a entrances during possibly finish of a new fornbuporten hire conclude dual graphic county spaces during travel level. to a south, a layered, quadratic pavilion and open piazza extend a cartesian geometries of a surrounding county fabric. to a north, an oval canopy sits within a healthy landscape of a village park in that it is located. these resisting geometries continue next belligerent to combine along a length of a station’s platforms. a windy lighting found via a hire has been designed to change with a time of day, enhancing passengers’ well-being.

zaha hadid oslo metro
a platforms during fornebu senter station



‘it is an respect to be comparison by a jury to build dual stations in this pattern foe with many gifted architectural practices,’ says gianluca racana, executive of zaha hadid architects. ‘the fornebubanen will be a critical new ride couple for a city.’


‘people have been watchful for a fornebubanen for a prolonged time,’ adds geir haaversen, ubiquitous manager and owner of a_lab. ‘the pattern of these stations will be essential for a growth of their locations.’

zaha hadid oslo metro
fornebu senter hire is one of 6 designed for a new metro line



the foe jury assessed unknown proposals from 14 opposite teams, saying that a pattern of fornebu senter hire demonstrated ‘a vibrancy and unrestrained for conceptualizing county space’. a jury also cited a fornbuporten hire offer as expressing an innovative approach of operative with light. construction is designed to start in 2020 with execution of a new metro line scheduled for 2025.

zaha hadid oslo metro
a north opening to fornbuporten station

zaha hadid oslo metro
fornbuporten station’s south entrance

zaha hadid oslo metro
an aerial perspective of a site, display both of a station’s entrances

zaha hadid oslo metro
windy lighting is found via a station

zaha hadid oslo metro
a lights change with a time of day

zaha hadid oslo metro
a changes are designed to raise passengers’ well-being



project info:


architect: zaha hadid architects (ZHA)
ZHA directors: patrik schumacher, gianluca racana
ZHA plan directors: ludovico lombardi, daniel fiser
ZHA pattern group (fornabu senter station): davide del giudice, roberto vangeli, kate revyakina, pauline gidoin
ZHA pattern group (fornbuporten station): michael rogers, roberto vangeli, shahd abdelmoneim, marko gligorov, sofia amodio
local architect: a_lab
a_lab director: geir haaversen
a_lab pattern team: christopher james, laurence antelme, jonas albæk christensen
lighting consultant (fornbuporten station): jason bruges studio
structural engineering (fornabu senter station): burohappold engineering

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