zaha hadid architects skeleton ‘mercury tower’ as partial of vital redevelopment plan in malta

zaha hadid architects (ZHA) has denounced skeleton for a 31-storey building in malta, that will form partial of a vital redevelopment project. located on a country’s easterly coast, paceville has grown over a past 50 years as one of a island’s traveller and party centers. the segment was determined as a cluster of holiday homes in a early 20th century and grown into a vital traveller heart from a 1960s onward.

zaha hadid mercury tower
all images by VA, pleasantness of zaha hadid architects



ZHA’s renovate of a 9,405-square-meter ‘mercury house’ site integrates residential apartments and a boutique hotel, while formulating new open spaces and amenities for a island’s residents and visitors. importantly, a destination’s birthright structures will be renovated as constituent tools of a project. with a refurbished ‘mercury house’ during a base, a redevelopment incorporates county amenities including cafés and shops surrounding a vast plaza.

zaha hadid mercury tower
a pattern creates new open spaces and amenities for a island’s residents and visitors



the new building is aligned during travel turn to confederate with paceville’s existent civic fabric. a high-rise structure has been recognised as dual plumb built volumes: a 9-storey retard that houses apartments; and a 19-storey volume above, that has been rotated to orientate guest bedrooms of a new hotel towards a mediterranean sea. this gesticulate not usually reduces solar gain, though is also designed to teach a clarity of impetus within a tower’s silhouette.

zaha hadid mercury tower
a building is oriented to benefaction views of a mediterranean sea

zaha hadid mercury tower
a new café pavilion forms partial of a project

zaha hadid mercury tower
a building is aligned during travel turn to confederate with paceville’s existent civic fabric

zaha hadid mercury tower
a structure will tip out during 31 storeys



project info:


client: j.porelli projects, malta
architect: zaha hadid architects (ZHA)
design: zaha hadid with patrik schumacher
ZHA project director: charles walker
zha plan director: manuela gatto

ZHA plan architects: alberto barba, carolina lópez-blanco, yevgeniya pozigun, jakub klaska, gerhild orthacker

ZHA conduct of interiors: kar-hwa ho

ZHA plan consultant: branko svarcer

ZHA plan team: kutbuddin nadiadi, alejandro garcia gadea, catherine mccann, evgeniya yatsyuk, houzhe xu, jung yeon kwak, mark winnington, rachelle spiteri, tomasz starczewski, olga yatsyuk, yazhu liang, yun zhang, julian lin, sai prateik bhasgi, li jin, john simpson, reza karimi, jose alberto mariano machon, matthew johnston, mattia gambardella, silviya barzakova


local architect: annamaria attard montalto, malta
façade and glazing engineers: werner sobek, UK
lighting engineers: bartenbach
vibration and acoustics: ARAU acustica, spain
structure: BAC engineering consultancy group, spain
structure: develop consulting constructional and polite engineers, UK
MEP engineers: ECL consulting engineers, malta
fire insurance and life safety: atelier ten, UK
planning consultants: ERSLI consultants, malta
restoration consultant: perit marie louise caruana galea, malta
waste consultant: desiree bajada
landscape consultants: medisun, malta
wind loads / walking comfort: RWDI UK, UK
virtual existence studios: VRs
geological fortitude / dirt and quivering monitoring: terracore, malta
project government consultants: pmanage ltd, malta
operational monitor: perit john papagiorcopulo; perit, malta
tourism consultant: mario loporto, malta
visualizations: VA, UK

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